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photo tours / Myanmar (Burma) Photo Tours 2010

Myanmar (Burma) Photo Tours 2010

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Photography Workshop - Yemen, Socotra

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasyev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasiev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country.

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 Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma)

Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma) - Photo 2010. Slide show.

to move not only in space but also in time. Photos 2010

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Yuri Afanasiev, Russia

Photo winner: Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


Myanmar (Burma) in 2010. Photo tour to Burma.

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Journey to 14 days:
 Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Inle Lake - Ngapali Beach - Yangon - Singapore

 Photo tour to Burma for 14 days from 08.11.2010 - 21.11.2010 1 day in Singapore. The trip was by happy coincidence, exactly on the above date. And I must admit that luck always accompanied us. Returned home, rested in body and soul with unforgettable memories and a rich portfolio in the country!

 Briefly about the trip and program. All in order. The program is built on the route Yangon - Bagan - Mandalay - Inle Lake - Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) - Yangon - Singapore.

Slide show of the 50 best pictures of Myanmar

Flight - from Domodedovo to Yangon committed to Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER Economy class. This company flew the first time. Were very satisfied. Comfortable seats, good food, diverse entertainment Kris World on a personal multimedia monitor. 11 hours of flight, flown by imperceptibly.

Day 01 - Arrival in Yangon, 9:30. Russian speaking guide Kyaw Thu, met and placed us at the Kandawgyi Hotel Palace rested until 14:00, and the rest of the day spent in the Shwedagon, the largest and most beautiful temple in Myanmar. The main dome of the Shwedagon is covered with tons of high-grade gold. The height of it is about one hundred meters. At the Spire adorns the golden ball, which in addition to 5,448 diamonds, one size in 76 carat, decorate, and other precious stones.

Day 02 - Flight Yangon - Bagan 06:30 - 07:50. Guide Tin Aung Lwin, Hotel Old Bagan Thande Hotel by car to visit all the main attractions, and Vahan them quite a lot. Bagan has a reputation as the "city of a thousand pagodas. Visited Shwezigon Pagoda, Htilominto TEMPLE, ANANDA TEMPLE, visited the local market is very colorful, lacquer factory and many beautiful and small temples along the road. Sunset met on the tower. Since it opened view of the entire Bagan. Over a cup of tea, spent the sun to retire. So ended the first day in Bagan. Ahead of us were waiting for another 4 sunset. Everyone should meet at the new location.

Day 03 - Bagan. Thanks to the Agency Nature Dream, in Burma, we were very lucky with guides on this trip. Much thanks to them! Guide Tin Aung Lwin, helped in organizing the photo shoot in Bagan. Day for us started at 4:30 in the morning, we went to shoot the sunrise over Bagan. Our horse cat driver № 33 Ko Thaung Sein, knew all the local trails and all the best points for photography. We managed to take off and flying stars are above the temple and the advent of a new day. The sunrise was magnificent. Morning mist and rising sun painted a perfect picture, and rising into the sky balloons, adding to it. Day of the wheels on the wagon for Bagan. Filmed inside and outside the churches: Nort Guni, Sout Guni, Sulamani, Swesandaw Pagoda and others.

Day 04 - Bagan. Agreed with the monks. All day long in our surveys involved monks from the nearby monastery. Filmed with a large collection of portraits and types of churches. Shoot the sunset and night shots made from the roof Pyathadar.

Day 05 - Bagan. Novaya decided to start the day with a morning flight on balloons. Experienced British pilots for $ 280 per person, deftly controlled balloons, hoping the flight path of the most successful point shooting, then lifting the ball into the clouds, then clinging to the basket for the steeples of churches. Unforgettable experience that's well worth the money. Poured champagne after the flight hits to the head and makes the girls from a romantic relationship to a more decisive action. Happy continued examination of new places, meeting with local monks and shooting, shooting, shooting.

Day 06 - Final day in Bagan. Completely satisfied with previous surveys, we decided to relax a bit and quietly spend time enjoying the coolness of flowering gardens, singing birds, the beauty of the surrounding landscape with a wheel cart. The shooting continued, and certainly managed to capture lots of interesting photos. Sunset shot with a small temple. Now traditional, a night shot, with the temple, the moon and clouds.

Day 07 - Flight Bagan - Mandalay, 08:05-08:35. Guide Than Htaik, Hotel Mandalay Sedona Hotel On the road in Amarapura, filmed in the morning light work of farmers. Ploughing on the white buffalo on a background of palm trees. By the end of the morning meal, had a monastery of Maha Gandayon Choi, Aung San, living there about 3000 monks. Managed to take pictures of the monastery kitchen. Tkatskaya factory is very interesting for the video. Everywhere manual labor, wooden equipment without a single metal part. You can see the ancient technology of tissue in real time. Afternoon tour of tick-bridge U Bein teak bridge. Just for the sake of the bridge was planned visit to Mandalay. The bridge was built in 1782, at a time when Amarapura was the royal capital of Burma. Bridge planned to remove the sunset the next day. Asked the guide, help us to focus on photographing people. Filmed the lives of ordinary Mandalaytsev at work and at play. Shoot people in Burma is a pleasure. Being on the perception in Hollywood decorations, with properly chosen light, people are very photogenic, natural and happy to pose.

Day 08 - Mandalay and its surroundings. Directly from the road, you can shoot stunning views. Visiting small villages and schools, gathering a collection of portraits of local people. Greeted us everywhere hospitable and happy to have participated in our photo shoots. Toward the sunset, back to Amarapura to organize photo shoots teak bridge. Guide, found to have an experienced boatman, who perfectly fulfilled our wishes and always put the boat into the correct position relative to the sun. Photography was very successful and we are happy and content back to Mandalay.

Day 09 - flight Mandalay - Heho - Inle Lake. Guide Nang Aye Nyein Ei - a charming girl, showed us all the iteresnoe on Inle Lake. Hotel Inle Lake Inle Resort good hotel, with beautiful area. Comfortable accommodation. ! For those who will stop at this hotel - please be careful! When calculating the hotel with us further take $ 12 for a beer in the mini bar! We do not drink alcohol, so it was a shame to pay for someone else's pleasure. Attempts to persuade the manager of our guide at the reception that it was not possible came to nothing. He has not even attempted to check the mini bar. From what we can conclude that this is a conspiracy. Everything else was excellent! Two days later we sailed on the high-speed boat - "sampan" on Lake Inle - Venice Myanmar. Unusual and picturesque look at home on the water, the reflection in the water enhances the effect of a beautiful sky with clouds. Took off fishermen operate their boats in a special way. Standing on one leg, and paddling and steering, the other leg. We watched the miracle vegetable gardens, made from seaweed, local fishing practices and rural life. At the end of the day, shooting the sunset over the lake.

Day 10 - Inle Lake. On the morning of shooting at a local market. A very interesting person and varied national costumes. Shooting in the bamboo forest and a visit to the village InDein and the Temple Mount Alawneh Sittho (Alaung Sitthou). The oldest pagoda at the top is dated 2 century BC. The ancient stupas are partly covered with vegetation. It opens a magnificent view over the lake and mountains. On the lake are many different shops and shops where one can get acquainted with local production. It's like a living to take a time machine and go back to the past century.

Day 11 - Flight Inle Lake - Heho - (Yangon) (9:40-10:50) - Thandwe - Ngapali beach (11:30-12:20) in 13:00 were settled in the Amata Resort & Spa very lucky with accommodation, our room overlooks an open veranda on the beach. 3 days, we enjoyed views of the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by a tropical garden in the shade of graceful coconut palms. An ideal place to relax after that active excursions on Myanmar. Arriving at the beach, we are at heart, expect to see fantastic sunsets. Unfortunately, this did not happen. The sun was going down the same course every night, but nothing remarkable could not see. This caused us to hit the experiments to create a series of works on Ngapali Beach Art.

Day 12 - Ngapali Beach. Early in the morning, very nice condition at sunrise. The whole coast is painted in soft blue tones. In the morning, crossed the nearby river and went fishing village. Took off the life of local fishermen. Light, finely-sifted sand the Bay of Bengal, heated to a comfortable temperature floor heating in the bathroom. Smooth entry, with the temperature of coastal waters for more than 30 grams. C. The crystal clear water. Another sunset does not show. After sunset, shooting in the surf line, fishing boat with candles. Then switched to film the beach, in the light of the moon had arisen.

Day 13 - Ngapali Beach. The final day in paradise between sky and ocean. Decided to go to the beach in the opposite direction from the fishing village. On the beach, the eternal workers - small crabs, immediately after the beginning of low tide on the sand start to create beautiful paintings in the form of spirals, rolled up balls of sand. The stronger the tide, the more spirals appear on the beach. By sunset a huge part of the beach turned into a single art project. This is a fantastic creature, night, waves began to absorb the tide. Low tide the next day gives a good start small artists to create new works. This continues day after day, for many millions of years. You have arrived at the beach, get a chance to see this creative process with my own eyes. Was a very beautiful night before the full moon. Took off their various living creatures on our porch.

Day 14 - Flight Thandwe - Ngapali Beach - Yangon (12:35 - 13:25). After breakfast, threw down their coins into the Bay of Bengal, return to Yangon. Upon arrival, the time remaining before the flight to Singapore, with our guide had Natasha. We went to the Shwedagon (SHWEDAGON), look at the complex before the holiday. November 21 - Full Moon, which means holiday. Likewise, Natalie showed us a few more interesting places in Yangon. We realized that 14 days of stay, had seen only a small fraction of the diversity that this country possesses. Myanmar - friendly, completely safe and very distinctive country. It would be desirable to return again and again!

17:30 - departure to Singapore. In the airplane, offers stunning views of the sunset. Clouds in the sky, like the inverted pagoda directed spire to the ground. It's like a small final gift to us. We just enjoy the view and the flight. Ahead of us night and day in Singapore.

Singapore - is located almost on the equator of N 01.17106 E 103.51445

Thanks again Airline Singapore Airlines and Hope Rozhkova! With their help, we superbly flew to Singapore, a free shuttle to the hotel and back. Via Singapore Airlines, we have booked a hotel in Moscow, Marina Mandarin They treated us very warmly, and could feel the genuine concern coming from the hotel. The hotel manager, at our request, we settled on the last 32 floors, with stunning views over the bay. The next morning. Before sunrise from the balcony of our room, shot a panorama of the new hotel complex Marina Bay Sands. After the sun managed to make rare footage from the ferris wheel. One day in Singapore, have been just enough to get around the downtown Marina Bay and find a good point to shoot the sunset. Singapore is not just a metropolis - a city in which you can fall in love. This place will be remembered forever. If we talk about clean streets, the very low crime, the friendliness of local residents and the absence of police on the streets of Singapore can be set up as an example to all megacities. This is a tale in the flesh!

Thanks again to everyone who helped in this amazing journey - photo tour to Myanmar!
Travel agency in Moscow - GSO Travel, Irina Chernova
Travel Agency in Myanmar - Nature Dream Travels & Tours Co., Ltd Manual and guides.
Airlines Singapore Airlines (Singapore Airlines), Nadezhda Rozhkova

Photographer Yuri Afanasiev and Smirnov, Natalia, December 2010


Special Program!

Photo workshop tour to Yemen & Socotra with advertising photographer Yuri Afanasiev.

17-27 February 2011


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