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Tips to photographers, photo backpack

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FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2011 Tarragona, Spain. Exhibitions, Workshops, Conferences, Portfolio reviews.

29.09 по 2.10. 2011 Food Photo Festival 2011, Tarragona, Spain

Photography Workshop - Yemen, Socotra

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasyev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasiev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country.

 Photos from the photo tour

Photo Tours + Socotra, Yemen

Mountains, beaches, and Dragon Bottle trees, white sand dunes, the city of Sana, more than 1500 photos taken with your camera SONY A-900.

 Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma)

Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma) - Photo 2010. Slide show.

to move not only in space but also in time. Photos 2010

 FEP (Federation of European Photographers) photo competitions results

The "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2009", supported by Epson.
Pictorial category

Category winner:
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia

Photo winner: Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


A set of photographic equipment for a photo tour.

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Below is a set of photographic equipment, which made shooting during photo tour of Myanmar (Burma) 2010

In addition to the standard set of single-lens reflex camera and a 3-smenyyh lens with a focus on 12 to 500 mm. I would like to dwell on some updates that before, never been with me when traveling. Read more.

What is a photographer on his shoulders in the photo travels?

A set of photographic equipment for a photo tour.

1. Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 with ball head Vladimir Besedin. Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 - a tripod for shooting in extreme conditions during travel. Designed for shooting in the mountains, puchtynyah in a forest and city, state Manfrotto 055CXPRO4, made of one hundred percent magnesium alloy and carbon fiber. Lightweight, robust and reliable tripod. Height shooting from 11.5 to 175 cm Weight 1.7 kg. Maximum load of 8 kg.

2. Fotoryukzak Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW. This backpack has only one main strap located on the diagonal and one lap belt covers (instead of two in the classical backpacks). But I'm not very pleased with this backpack, so you would not have advised. Myself am in search of a better design fotoryukzaka.

3. Compact tripod with the head of Vladimir Besedin. This is a small tripod for the camera Sony Nex-5. When folded, 27 cm in the flat for 109 cm

What is a photographer in his photo-backpack?

What's in a backpack photographer? What kind of photo equipment to take with you when you travel?

01. Folding reflector. 5 different surfaces, including a diffuse scatterer.
02. Canon Flash Speedlight 550EX
03. Super wide angle zoom lens Sigma 12-24/4 ,5-5, 6 DG HSM
04. Crednefokusny zoom lens Canon EF 24-105/4, 0 L IS USM
05. Telephoto zoom lens Sigma EX 50-500/4 ,0-6, 3 APO HSM
06. Camera Sony Nex-5 + wide angle lens Sel 16 / 2.8 + flash NO HVL - F7S
07. Zoom Lens Sony Sel E 3,5 - 5,6 / 18 - 55 OSS + blend AL C-SH112
08. Remote cable Canon Remote Swithch RS 80N3
09. Camera EOS - 5D Mark II body
10. Memory Card San Disk Compact Flash 4 Gb. Extreme IV 4 pcs.
11. Angled Viewfinder Canon
12. Additional equipment from the mirror and a knife with a set of tools Leatherman
13. Set flashlights with different color temperatures.
14. Multifunctional folding litter.
15. UV filter + polarization, lens Sigma EX 50-500/4 ,0-6, 3 APO HSM
16. Charge Canon LC-E6E + spare battery LP-E6
17. Polarizing filter + UV + ND - 8x, Lens Canon EF 24-105/4, 0 L IS USM
18. Level for fixing the flash nest chamber.
19. Lighter
20. Cart Epson P 4000 with the HDD to 120Gb
21. Transmitter to flash with the transfer of E-TTL codes PocketWizard TT1-C + transmitter radio receiver for the flash E-TTL reciver PocketWizard TT5-C
22. Tester battery charge.
23. Smart Charger TechnoLine BC 700 for charging the batteries and restore with a set of batteries ENELOOP
24. Pen
25. Cleaning Kit Lens

Total weight of the photo backpack - 9,7 kg

Article written by Yuri Afanasyev for the site 2011


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