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photoeqipment / The test camera SONY DSLR-A700

The test camera SONY DSLR-A700

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Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasiev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country.

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Pictorial category

Category winner:
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia

Photo winner: Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


   This article was supposed to appear for a long time. Camera SONY DSLR-A700 has got me in your hands as early as April 2008 Lack of free time, do not give the opportunity to sit down, analyze and quickly express their feelings, which remained on the creative with it.
  When you first met great following. The camera was easy to handle, intuitive interface, in Russian, to minimize any referral to the instructions. All the symbols buttons were intuitive and not caused krivotolkov. Menu cameras had enough of all essential settings, including color-correction of the main display and was not overloaded by various recondite functions. The latter allows all users, which is not satisfied with that, either in brightness or color main display of his own chamber, to carry out the necessary correction without zamorochek. The function of color-correction rear screen, have not yet met me in the cells of this level. As I understand from the information conveyed to me, SONY DSLR-A700, should be the last poluformatnoy camera in the professional series of cameras manufactured by Sony. The main purpose of which I became the interim holder of the photographic product, the camera was presented at the exhibition PhotoForum 2008, held in Moscow from 10 to 13 April.
  It was just a few days to get acquainted with your camera, make a dozen different areas of the test images, with their subsequent seal format 60х90, see To delete every photo krivotolki and professionals on the technical parameters of the camera. Can any amount of time to talk about the high quality product, but if you do not show results, but for the type of cells hardcopy format 60х90 see is revealing. For myself, I decided that the test shots should include pictures of several different directions. Landscape removal, architecture, macro, shooting with little light, model photography studio. It's practically the entire list of tasks for which the actual and calculated this camera. Someone may exclaim, but where the shooting sports and quickly objects? Answer! Presentation of the exhibition, it is anticipated shooting and continuous dynamics. Jumping model, with flying hair, soap bubbles burst.
  I went along with the camera, SONY DSLR-A700 and a bag of lenses, to wake up from winter hibernation, spring forest. No zatsepok. Black, bare trunks of trees. Branches with nabuhshimi kidneys, no greenery. You understand that you need to go under their feet. Izedenny tracks a piece of crust, away from the dead tree was a case in point. Great lens Sony 50mm f/2.8 Macro (SAL-50M28) and the specific features of the camera SONY DSLR-A700, made its case. Pointing to the sharp, with the constant tracking of the subject, without podzhatiya trigger buttons and MACRO lens with high contrast in macro mode. The first contact with the camera, the above function was clearly nedoponyata me.


Фото девушки, освещенной одним контровым светильником Файл после обработки в RAW конверторе и доработкой в ФотоШопе
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