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photoeqipment / Tests camera Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III. Part 1

Tests camera Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III. Part 1

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29.09 по 2.10. 2011 Food Photo Festival 2011, Tarragona, Spain

Photography Workshop - Yemen, Socotra

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasyev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasiev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country.

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Mountains, beaches, and Dragon Bottle trees, white sand dunes, the city of Sana, more than 1500 photos taken with your camera SONY A-900.

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 FEP (Federation of European Photographers) photo competitions results

The "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2009", supported by Epson.
Pictorial category

Category winner:
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia

Photo winner: Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III are my feelings. Part 1

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

  Canon 1Ds Mark III. Finally, you can hold in their hands, and not seen pictures on the Internet, and speculate how it will show itself in the work?
  Tests made before buying the camera showed that, when all other things being equal, Canon 1Ds Mark III is the best in the light than the Canon 1Ds Mark II. Take a poster printed on ink-jet printers has shown that cells in Canon 1Ds Mark II and Canon 1Ds Mark III, there are differences in the perception of light colors. In those places where the view of the printer must be white, it is through significant periods of spatter paint, trying to separate the white color print of a white background. In my opinion Canon 1Ds Mark III is better than the difference prochschital Canon 1Ds Mark II 

For more information, refer to the extension of article "Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III test photos"

After a brief examination of how and understanding that has changed with respect to Canon 1Ds Mark II I accept the decision at the next shooting test and posnimat the same subjects, same lens, but different cameras. Of course it was a deserved old, painfully familiar, Canon 1Ds Mark II and it is new and not yet acquainted with Canon 1Ds Mark III.
Write the first feeling that liked that it was not, and that alerted. Just describe your opinion of the received file and the view of innocent people, versed in the photos, but not informed what the difference between the two files be placed on the monitor.
The first feeling is the joy of a large monitor, then it will be a bit overshadowed by, but still a sense stuff. I can not quite understand, many fans, the fact that the 3 "and even the 3.5" screens long enough to come to market for amateur and semi-professional cameras. Canon 1Ds Mark II had a 2 "display and with all images as a final prevyushku could see only in 2" window. Well that professionals have the opportunity to look at the wider world".


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