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photoeqipment / Test nonspecular camera SONY Alpha Nex-7 with interchangeable lenses

Test nonspecular camera SONY Alpha Nex-7 with interchangeable lenses

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      Nex-7 replacement reflex camera, FOTOtravel
      Test Sony Nex-7 shooting fast moving objects at a speed of 10 frames per second
      Shooting Sony Nex-7 in the modal time, night
      Sony Nex-7 review, test photos, videos and photography in the studio

SONY Alpha Nex-7

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Sony Nex-7 video review - videos about the possibilities of the camera + video with Nex-7

The next revolution in the photographic market has made the company SONY, releasing a new nonspecular camera with interchangeable lenses SONY Alpha Nex-7. I managed to get to test beta version of a miracle, but at the same time to touch the bright future that came to us as always, from the land of the rising sun.

After reading before a trip behind the camera her specifications, I hesitated a little bit. Some of the options looked too futuristic and it has given rise to several false conclusions in Internet blogs. The people there, they built the baseless assumption that "blown pixels" in the Nex-7, and told his readers about how it leads to a focus during a 18-55 lens. They wrote that the camera did too much in size and it now looks more like an old journalistic "Leica" than usual Nex. How could they all try and write about it, if the first sample of beta Nex7, arrived in Moscow on August 26, 2011 only.

Huge trunk with the new models and camera SONY Alpha Nex, new lenses, and lots of useful accessories in my studio.

 Test. Nonspecular camera SONY Alpha Nex-7 with interchangeable lenses and accessories

Spent the rest of the evening arrived the development of equipment. All samples of the new camera I got no instructions. Unsurprisingly, this is a beta version. Understanding and mastering the philosophy of cameras, did not take long. To become a skilled user who does not need to read the manual, the thickness of a large encyclopedia. Enough to understand to what section of the menu is the desired change, go to that section and select the desired value of the desired item.

In SONY Nex-7, changes to user settings much simpler. At the top of the camera, there were two functional wheel. They are always under the thumb of his right hand to take pictures and change the function on those values that are most important to you, depending on your choice.
For example:
You are set to M. Upper-left wheel changes the shutter speed, aperture right.
The mode of A. The left wheel changes the aperture, the right adjusts the exposure.
The mode of S. Left changes the shutter speed, right adjusts the exposure, and so on.

If during the shoot, the photographer wanted to change the white balance or sensitivity matrix. No need to climb to the main menu of the camera Nex-7. Function button to the right of the shutter button, temporarily assign a functional upper castors so you need values. To all of the information is not stored in the head photographer at the top of the camera display appear the symbols corresponding to the new values of the upper functional wheels. A no-brainer that the left value corresponds to the left and right, the right wheel. Design and Ergonomics SONY Nex7 so functional, that during filming there is little need to climb to the main menu of the camera. All the desired changes are at hand. But it's all been saying.

Now the main thing.

SONY Alpha Nex-7, compact, nonspecular poluformatnaya camera with interchangeable lenses and electronic vidomskatelem. Camera Resolution Nex-7 - 24 Mp. Format to print images of A-0 (120 x 70 cm) and above. Shooting speed of up to 10 frames / sec. Built-in "hot shoe" and built-in flash. In the menu on the camera SONY Alpha Nex 7, there is the possibility to disable "LifeView", for the display and the viewfinder. In the "LifeView" display and the viewfinder shows the actual exposure, the light installed in the camera color temperature. This mode is very useful for all kinds of shooting, but the studio. When using the camera in the studio, the light intensity and color temperature, depends on the established momentum in the studio lighting. In this display mode "LifeView" shows nothing but blackness. Ability to disable the "LifeView", provides a real opportunity to use a camera SONY Alpha Nex 7 for serious work in the studio.

 Camera SONY Alpha Nex7. Lens Adapter for LA-EA2. Lens 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM. Photo by Yuri Afanasiev

 By Camera SONY Nex, manufactured mount lenses SONY E-mount. At present, the park looks like lenses.

SONY E 16/2,8 in common parlance "Pancake" - fast lens has excellent optical performance even at the working aperture of 2.8. By setting it Fisheye converter VCL-ECF1, you turn it into a lens with a focal point of 8 mm. In the case of the wide converter VCL-ECF2 focus becomes equal to 12 mm., Respectively. That is the lens E 16/2,8 mounted on the camera SONY Nex, depending on the converter attached to it, or not, may have a focal length of 16 mm. 12 mm. and 8 mm. It looks like a perfectly thought-out optical designer, with a perfect result.

SONY E 18-55/3,5-5, 6, OSS, a basic lens with integrated optical stabilizer.
SONY E 55-210/4,5-6, 3 OSS. For those who have been acquired with the camera lens SONY E 18-55/3,5-5,6, OSS, but they feel the obvious lack of a telephoto, the lens SONY E 55-210/4,5-6, 3 OSS, it is logical complement the urgent need. Abbreviation OSS on the lens means that it contains, an integrated optical stabilizer.

Lens SONY E 18-200/3,5-6, 3 OSS. The ideal solution for photographers that's just agree to carry a little more weight and size, but wants to feel more free to work. 11 - fold zoom will help him in this.

Recently appeared in the photo market lenses, SONY E 24 / 1,8 Zeiss, SONY E 30 / 2,8 Macro and SONY E 50 / 1,8, allow fans to enjoy perfect discrete optical quality and make the most of the 24 Mp. matrix.

New LA-EA2 adapter based at SLT technology and is the adapter to mount on Alpha E-mount. It allows without any restrictions use the entire arsenal of lenses for Alpha Camera SONY Nex. Especially important automatic maintenance of sharpness in video mode when you change the plan or when shooting moving objects at you. Given that the camera SONY Alpha Nex-seven writes video quality 1920x1080 50p, it will be interesting not only for creating home movies.

Test SONY Alpha Nex-7

What a pleasure to go to the shooting test chambers SONY Alpha Nex-7 and did not take any photo bag or backpack. In vest free cameras placed a box weighing 350 grams. Optics Kit from 8 to 200 mm, Weighing 838 grams. Including hood, front and back covers.
Total: 1188 gr. in the final.

Let me remind you that the weight of all known lens Canon EOS 70 - 200/2.8, without the hood - 1426 gr. In the pocket of his vest just do not shove.

In the test would reflect the shooting interiors and architecture. Make a night shooting entertainment. Shoot fast current events both in the studio and en plein air. And be sure to remove the macro with studio lighting. Print photo papers suggested format 120 x 70 cm to demonstrate the quality of cameras on the Sony Alpha Forum 2011. Any errors or shortcomings of the camera, if any, should be visible to the naked eye. Allotted time in 5 days nullified all attempts at exploration and processing. There was only one option, removed, downloaded and sent to the printer. This became doubly interesting.

Test photos taken with SONY Alpha Nex-7

The shopping center, in Moscow City Business Center itself has become the perfect target for shooting interiors and architecture.

SONY Alpha Nex7, Объектив E 16/ F2.8 + VCL-ECF1 фотограф Юрий Афанасьев SONY Alpha Nex7, Объектив E 16/ F2.8 + VCL-ECF1 фотограф Юрий Афанасьев

Moscow City Skyscrapers
Camera SONY Alpha Nex-7
Lens E 16/F2.8 + VCL-ECF1
Focal length 8 mm
Program A + 1,7 Ev
Aperture f/10, 0
Exposure 1/200s
ISO 800
White Balance AWB
Afimol City
Camera SONY Alpha Nex-7
Lens E 16/F2.8 + VCL-ECF1
Focal length 8 mm
Program A + 0,7 Ev
Aperture f/13, 0
Exposure 0,3 s
ISO 100
White Balance AWB


Night mode. The buildings of the University in the City Day 04/09/2011, helped solve the problem of night shooting.

 University. SONY Alpha Nex-7. The EF 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS photographer Yuri Afanasiev

University. SONY Alpha Nex-7. Lens E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS. Focal length 40.0 mm Program A + 0,7 Ev Aperture f/8,0 Exposure 1,3 s ISO 800 White Balance AWB

Studio photography. Fall egg in a bowl with the flour at 10 frames / sec. Allowed to shoot a series of interesting studies and in parallel to solve the problem with wireless high-speed sync pulse of light.


 Flour. SONY Alpha Nex-7. Lens Adapter for LA-EA2. Lens 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM. Focal length of 200 mm. Program M + SportDrive. Aperture f/13, 0 Exposure 1/200 s. The sensitivity of ISO 200. White Balance K 4700

 Studio photography. Yuri Afanasiev Photographer with camera SONY Alpha Nex-7Test photos SONY Alpha Nex-7. Lens Adapter for LA-EA2. Lens 70-400mm F4-5.6 G SSM.

Came to test the studio model photo, I persuaded to withdraw from the bubbles. Of course in speed mode. The final task - not just to remove bubbles. It's too boring. Need a frame in which one or a few bubbles begin to burst. That's interesting

Studio shooting with the model. SONY Alpha Nex-7. The EF 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS. photographer Yuri Afanasiev 

Soap bubbles. SONY Alpha Nex-7. Lens E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS. Focal length of 128 mm. Program M + SportDrive. Aperture f/7,1. Shutter Speed 1 / 250 s sensitivity of ISO 200 White Balance K 4700

Macro SONY Nex-7 in the studio. Bought at a stall near all the possible options cans with soft drinks, among which are found the applicant for macro photography.

Macro. SONY Alpha camera Nex-7. Lens E 30mm F3.5. photographer Yuri Afanasiev 

Drops. Camera SONY Alpha Nex7. Lens E 30mm F3.5. Focal length of 30 mm. M. Program Aperture f/22, 0. Exposure 0.5 s. The sensitivity of ISO 200. White Balance K 4700

Print a photo, he saw just before the start of the forum. High quality assessment and camera optics believe it was proved that during the Sony Alpha Forum, I was approached several times in no way connected with one another and people know that I am the author of published works, almost literally asking the same question " Are all of these works were recorded on Nex 7? " So, they did not believe that the camera is on their minds is the latest digital cameras, has been able to give such transcendent quality of the pictures!

This article was written by photographer Yuri Afanasiev, for a site 19.09.2011 year! 

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Full-size frame Sony Alpha Nex-7. Lens E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS. Focal length 40.0 mm Program A + 0,7 Ev Aperture f/8,0 Exposure 1,3 s ISO 800 White Balance AWB


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